Questions range from design and inspiration to the how and what. 

How do you design your work?  Where does it come from?  What are your influences and inspirations? Are those solid pieces of wood?  Where did they come from?  How do you finish them?

Dave provides a glimpse into his prospective and process....

Born from a call to artist, the Nouveau series has been pivotal.  The first piece, "Lost in Thought", was a watershed of designs, many yet unexplored.  

Twisted, a series that help start the push in another direction.  It was instrumental in exploring new roads while still retaining some elements of the vessel form.  Since it's inception, it has developed and diverged from the original works, while maintaining original elements.

Philosophy and Process

Reclaimed "Old Growth" pine from Northern Michigan

Ask different artist where their inspiration is found. Ask them how does their chosen medium influence their work.  How do they influence the medium.  There will be thousands of fantastic and wonderful thoughts. 

Within the wood medium there are those who let the wood talk to them. Others try to impose their will.  Dave tries to walk the line between......

Wall Sculpture

Twisted Series

Dave Bowers Studio

A Sculptural journey

A glass stack ready for the kiln


Elevating the medium to a different viewpoint, wall sculptures offer a vantage  not employed as often.  From a distance they are prominent, engaging the viewer, drawing them closer.   Moving closer in, the grain and subtleness of lines become the featured.


"Sitting on a Park Bench" accepted for 2019 Ohio State Fine Arts show.