Ask different artist where their inspiration is found. Ask them how does their chosen medium influence their work.  How do they influence the medium.  There will be thousands of fantastic and wonderful thoughts. 

Dave's work has expanded into glass as a medium along side wood.  It has enhanced thoughts and processes, something that will be of great value as his sculptural journey continues.

Nouveau Sculpture

Wall Sculpture

Glass has been a long standing fascination with Dave.  Introduced almost 20 years ago he has followed and studied glass art. Casting has become a passion, a natural progression paralleling the well established wood sculpture.  Glass's ability to not only visually use surface but inner space takes his sculptures in a different direction.

Elevating sculptural elements engages from a distance but entices one to come closer.  Fascination continues approaching the sculpture.  Subtle lines, color, grain, and other details come to life.  As glass casting is expanded, the studio is considering more wall mounted possibilities.

Philosophy and Process

The new studio space is coming along

Dave Bowers Studio

A Sculptural journey

Dave is now represented at Arbor Gallery, Glenn Arbor, MI


Glass Sculpture

Commission installed in client's home

Born from a call to artist, the Nouveau series has been pivotal.  The first piece, "Lost in Thought", was a watershed of designs, many yet unexplored.  This series's importance will expand into the glass medium as it becomes more prominent with the studio.

Questions range from design and inspiration to the how and what. 

How do you design your work?  Where does it come from?  What are your influences and inspirations? Are those solid pieces of wood?  How do you cast glass?

Dave provides a glimpse into his prospective and process....