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Artist Statement

Art keeps me balanced, creating it is who I am. 


Sculpture is a necessary part of my life.  My current choices of medium are wood and glass.  I've dabbled some in metal and others, who knows where I'll end up or what I'll use.  Throughout the pages of this website you'll find my affliction of wood.  I started that journey almost 20 years ago thanks to a retired Ohio State Dentistry professor.  With glass I've had a very strong interest in it for years, mainly introduced to it through acquaintances and the production of Dale Chihuly videos.  That opened the door to a wide world of glass.  At this point, my glass interest are within casting but remain open to hot glass. Both disciplines take a large amount of time but I intend to continue both.

Turned & Sculpted Wood, Wood Symphony Gallery, an online exhibition.

Small Treasures, Wood Symphony Gallery, an online exhibition.

Turned & Sculpted Wood, del Mano - A Gallery of Fine Contemporary Craft, an "On Line" exhibition.

Hot Tea! (summer/fall), del Mano - A Gallery of Fine Contemporary Craft, an "On Line" exhibition.

AICUO Walking Exhibition Short North, Brandt-Roberts Gallery, Columbus, OH

New Perspectives in Wood, del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Sculpture Objects & Functional Art Exposition,  Chicago, IL

Relationships: A Part of the Whole - Photography and Woodturning, High Road Gallery, Worthington, OH

Designer (in coordination with student designer) and Sculptor of Awards for the AICUO Awards for Excellence in the Visual Arts, Columbus, OH

Ohio State Fine Arts Exhibition, Cox Fine Arts Center, Columbus OH

"ReTurn to the Land of Oz", American Association of Woodturners, Overland Park, KS.

"Step Up to the Plate" American Association of Woodturners, Louisville, KY.

Masters of Contemporary Wood Art  Wood Symphony Gallery

The Woodcarvers Gazette, Volume 3, Issue 21 Summer 2018

Woodworker West, July-August 2018

Woodturning Today, A Dramatic Evolution American Association of Woodturners, Fox Chapel Publishing Inc.

American Woodturner. Volume 22, Issue 2. "AAW Rolls Out Young Turners Program.

Sculpture Objects & Functional Art Exposition, Chicago, IL

AAW National Symposium, Portland, OR


Dave Bowers Studio

A Sculptural journey

Wood is life, a metaphor for the human.  Look closely and you'll see a medium that is full of struggles and accomplishments.  The fight of a seedling to start high upon a cliff or its' battle for light in the forest canopy below, each victory is built on the previous.  Overcoming wind and storms, drought and heat, triumph is exhibited through beauty and grandeur only a tree can provide.  From the sapling’s early days to the tree's full form, from new life each spring to the unprecedented fall canopies, the tree is vital to human existence.  All of the tree’s character is available to showcase, its life recorded within.  This is my opportunity to impart a continuing existence for the wood, its' history, and my visions.

In the creation of wood art, two main philosophies have emerged.  One subscribes to guidance from the wood, letting it be an important design element.  The other is determined in controlling the wood, drawing out of it what the artist wants.  Although at times I walk the middle of the road drawing from both philosophies, I prefer to impart my visions onto the wood.  This outlook combines with a creative force of many variables, some conscious and many unconscious.  As I strive to understand a minute portion of the creative process, my thoughts, methods, skills, and work are pushed in unknown directions.

I have always enjoyed the creative process but did not fully act on it until 1997.  The proverbial "can" was opened when a retired educator took the time to share his knowledge.  The small projects made that day were the handle to an extremely large door of opportunity.  I have journeyed quite a distance from those early days, but there are still unlimited miles to go.  I am extremely fortunate in my adventure, receiving guidance from many individuals along the way. I respectfully thank everyone through the complete development and devotion of my art.

Reduction art provides the rewarding challenge of realizing each form’s apex.  The thrill is in removing material and how it affects the entire piece, sometime for the better, sometimes for the worse.  Being able to inspire others through this process is one of the more gratifying art experiences.  My ultimate goal provides an enjoyable and thought provoking sensory experience for each viewer.