Dave Bowers Studio

A Sculptural journey


Three new works were recently completed.  They included  "Ray", "Playboy, and "Walk This Way".

"Ray" is the latest edition to the Twisted series.  It's the first piece from a new design exploration whose roots are found within the early Twisted works.  As more come to life from this particular sketch book, they may become a new series of work.

I haven't visited the dimensions pieces for sometime.  "Playboy" has brought back the challenges of designing within pre determined dimensions of the raw material.  Typically the stock is taller and wider than thick.  The work is spontaneous as there are no sketches to start from.  So far abstract human forms have seemed  to dominate.

"Walk This Way" took a salvaged piece of old growth redwood and challenged the finishing I typically employ.  Due to the soft nature of the wood, I wanted strength added in the form of penetrating epoxy and a top coat.


Updates of progress, events, and other things on a non-uniform schedule.


While I haven't posted any finished glass yet, This is a new wax being worked on for casting.  As yet to be titled, Once this piece is cast and cold worked along with cold working some others, they'll be posted.