The glass is coming along.  It's tough to find balance between both wood and glass since both require a good amount of time.  Fortunately more time is now available for each.  Future goals include work using elements of each medium together.

Pictured is a stack of sheet glass just prior to being cleaned and fired in the kiln.

Updates of progress, events, and other things on a non-uniform schedule.

Dave Bowers Studio

A Sculptural journey

Sitting on a Park Bench" has been accepted to the Ohio State Fine arts competition for 2019.  It will be on display in the Cox Fine Arts building during the Ohio State Fair this year.  It's a thrill to have been accepted 2 years running.  (and yes Jethro Tull comes to mind when I say the title).

On another note more prototyping / molding of pieces for glass casting is coming along.  Not titled yet, the picture shown right with both the model and the wax is about ready for casting.  It was a new process to try involving foam, epoxy, paint, and other materials.  What was learned will lead to more sculptural development.

So Many projects to complete..... A set of original Michigan cottage doors left over after remolding a few years back.  Amazing "old" growth rings in these pieces.  For comparison a modern day 2x4 might have 20 growth rings looking on end.  One of the "old" growth boards had 78 rings.  They should be fantastic for an exploration into stacked glue ups, providing a different but familiar look.