Commission installed at client's home

When initially posted about Sitting on a Park Bench had been accepted to the Ohio State Fine arts competition for 2019.  It did win an award from the Ohio Arts Council show them A Perspective from Nature. More recently it was sold through Arbor Gallery, Glen Arbor MI.  Jethro Tull might have been played during its sculpting.

On another note more prototyping / molding of pieces for glass casting is coming along.  It has progressed further since these photos were taken. If you look at the glass gallery page this is Amber Ascent.

So Many projects to complete..... A set of original Michigan cottage doors left over after remolding a few years back.  Amazing "old" growth rings in these pieces.  For comparison a modern day 2x4 might have 20 growth rings looking on end.  One of the "old" growth boards had 78 rings.  They should be fantastic for an exploration into stacked glue ups, providing a different but familiar look.

The goal of a dedicated studio space has been a long time coming.  It is becoming reality providing ample room for even greater sculpture.

Dave is now represented by Arbor Gallery of Glenn Arbor, MI

Initially commissioned in the summer of 2021 the piece was installed June 2022.  It was specifically made for the client's dinning area, becoming the highlight of that room.  Dave was thrilled with this opportunity and the final results.  For context of size, the work is 36" wide.


Towards the end of the 2021 summer season in Northern Michigan Dave's mom wanted to stop in.  It's a wonderful gallery containing exquisite furniture by Paul Czamanske, wonderful paintings by David Westerfield, and other artist.  As we were looking around we started talking with Paul.  During conversation Mom wanted to show him pictures of my sculpture that she has.  Initially walking in the front door Dave had not thought about representation.  Walking out he was.  Being involved with Arbor Gallery is especially meaningful with Dave's family's history in the area.  You can find them west of Traverse City on M22 or with Facebook, search Arbor Gallery.

Updates of progress, events, and other things on a non-uniform schedule.

There's a new studio space coming

Glass casting has been added to the sculptural mediums

Glass has been a passion of Dave's for sometime.  His first major exhibition attended was Chihuly at the Conservatory in Columbus, Oh.  Eventually glassblowing lessons ensued but over time his real passion for casting emerged.  It has been a natural fit along side his wood sculpture.  As it brings another dimension to his sculpture, who knows what new directions will follow?

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