Dave Bowers Studio

A Sculptural journey

"Twister" - 2005

Twisted Series

The Twisted series has been evolving since the first piece created for AAW's Return to the Land of OZ juried show. The Symposium that year was held in Overland Park, KS.  With the obvious reference to Oz, Dave set out to create something with a tornado reference or feel to it.  Twister was the resulting turned and sculpted piece.  He really liked the layout of lines, their interaction.  It had a  fascinating quality driving continued exploration. 

While elements of the first works remain, the pieces have evolved.  The series natural development has led to new elements that are larger, not as compact.  The larger elements developed as scale increased.  Finding the correct size and balance is always a consideration.  The ultimate goal provides a visually interesting sculpture, something that draws the viewer in, something to enjoy.  This series can go on forever without tiring of it. The question becomes where does a new style or series start compared to the original.