Dave Bowers Studio

A Sculptural journey

Glass is a captivating material for sculpture, magical is its ability to transmit light.  The inner space available for use with glass sculptures is unparalleled to most other artistic mediums.  Dave's first major exhibition attended was Chihuly at the Conservatory in Columbus Oh, 2003.  That set in motion an interest evolving into a passion for glass.  Eventually Dave took glass blowing lessons, helped build equipment for a hot shop, assisted in that hot shop, and occasionally blew glass.  As his knowledge increased, he began looking to casting.  Casting was starting to have greater appeal, a better way to complete his sculptures in glass.  While researching casting, he happened across David Ruth's work.  It was one of those "WOW" moments, mind blowing.  A great passion developed for the inner space of solid glass, what could be accomplished.  The casting portion of Dave's work will continue increasing its importance amongst the sculpture.

For some pictures of glass in work follow links to the process page.