Wall Sculptures were initiated by the purchase of two beautiful pieces of Ipe Burl.  The wood is extremely dense, has fantastic grain patterns, and contains some small cracks.  It was so beautiful Dave couldn't pass on it.  The real challenge came from the thickness of each piece, cut just over 3/4 inch. 

After looking it over and thinking about what to do, Dave took one of the pieces over to Harry Pollitt's studio.  Together they mapped out what would become "Imagine".  It was the beginning of something good. 

Recently Dave saw the installation of a commission.  Specifically made for the dinning area, it made the room.  It was very exciting to see the project through.

Dave Bowers Studio

A Sculptural journey

Wall sculptures take the mediums to a different level.  It engages the viewer from a distance, entices them to investigate further.  From afar the lines flow like the currents of a stream.  Investigate closer to see color, pattern, grain patterns  interact  within each design.  Wall sculptures are coming in glass however they will start in stands.  As this series develops I'm referring to them as river flows.  The name will probably be changed down the road.

Wall Sculptures