Profiles started with the purchase of a piece of Elm.  The block dimensions included only two inches of thickness.  Dave worked with the piece, looked it over a few times, and finally laid out a design.  Once the outline was cut, ideas and flows started working out.  The largest restriction, the two inch thickness, manifested the best decisions of the process.  Limiting initial dimensions of the raw material has created an intriguing and challenging design process for Dave.  Unlike other works that start in a sketchbook, these are designed as the block is worked. Recently completed  "Playboy" was the first of larger scale.  Future pieces may include salvaged barn beams!

While there are different influences in this series, the main comes from Lyapunov fractals. The world of fractals and fractal art are a wonderful source  inspiration, beauty, and intrigue.  A study of fractals is a study of lines, shapes, and their interactions.  They are found in nature, have been used to create complex models (e.g. that of a snow flake), used in media, and sold as art.   Fractals are a mathematical wonder worth looking at.

The Directions series is a pivotal moment in Dave's artistic development.   Originally developed under the mentoring of Harry Pollitt, Dave applied his ideas to wood turnings.  The turnings would be roughed out and left with substantial wall thickness compared to most.  From there the design pattern was laid out on the surface.  Sanding and finishing accounts for 1/2 of Dave's time in each piece.  They are a difficult series in the thinness of the ribbons.  He has broken a few in various stages of work.  The flagship piece "Directions" resides in the permanent collection of the AAW.

Directions Series

Profiles Series

Additional Work

The Additional Works page contains some older, some newer, and some in between.  Most of the following have plans to continue but it also depends on where Dave is at in his thought process.  He has a genuine interest in each series but time and artistic vision will be the ultimate factors in further development.

Dave Bowers Studio

A Sculptural journey

Seranov Series