Is that one piece?

Glass sculptures start with a sculpted model.  Various methods are used to make mold.  Once completed glass is loaded into the mold, heated to temperature, and then slowly annealed (or cooled)  After divesting the glass, it is cold worked as required for desired finish.

The majority of design ideas start here, in the sketch books.  They're relatively simple drawings working out lines and proportions, flows and movement.  Inspiration comes from nature, fractals, architecture, ancient pottery and glass, contemporary objects, the list could go on.  The fun starts once a design is translated onto wood or other medium.  Figuring out in better detail which design elements will do what and how is exciting.  Ideas change and flow as the sculpture progresses.



On the Artist page of this website, I have a statement in red lettering - Art keeps me balanced, creating it is who I am.  Would I still do it if I didn't have a website, wouldn't be able to sell, or no one would see it?  The answer is yes, it's something I really enjoy.  Ultimately my goal is to share with others, to provide a positive experience.  Below are a few glimpses into what and how I'm doing things.

How long does it take?

Where do you get your ideas?

What inspires you?

Wood sculptures start from logs or sections of them.  They are cut via chainsaw or other methods to the largest dimensions required.  Outlines are rough cut with more complicated works requiring certain sections be worked prior to others.

Where does it come from?

Dave Bowers Studio

A Sculptural journey